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Through commitment, ingenuity and engineering processes, MPW delivers innovative cleaning systems that minimize potential safety risks, achieve operating efficiencies, reduce outage downtimes and maximize performance.

MPW has a long and successful history of solving the most vexing challenges of the power generation industry throughout North America – providing ultra-pure boiler feed water, completing the most rigorous outage schedules and executing a full range of both off-line and on-line boiler cleaning.

At MPW, we excel at providing the resources, the experience and the engineering creativity to develop unique solutions, using safer technologies, to make your next turnaround your best. An ongoing emphasis on engineering as well as automated water jetting and vacuum services allows MPW to offer the best turnaround services in the industry. Our Logistics and Operations teams work with you to determine the safest, most efficient processes and equipment and forecast an accurate project timeline.

Additionally, our Utility Services team offers a full complement of services to the transmission/distribution side of the industry. Through this dedicated team, you have a one-stop resource to manage the risk of environmental compliance, along with the attainment of regulatory compliance through single-vendor outsourcing.

MPW routinely works with customers to remediate spills, controlling waste from cradle to grave to ensure you remain online.

With more than 70 locations across North America, MPW can execute environmental compliance initiatives for the transmission/distribution industry and is on full alert to tackle the toughest jobs.

Check out our array of services below created to be innovative, minimize potential safety risks and achieve operating efficiencies all while maximizing performance.

Featured Story

“These awards represent an extensive amount of dedication and focus by MPW employees,” said MPW President Jared Black. “Being recognized by the NMAPC is an honor and we’re always especially proud of awards related to safety.”

Featured Story

MPW has a long and successful history of solving the most vexing challenges of the power generation industry throughout North America.

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