MPW Industrial Services’ reach into industry is deep and wide. We provide cutting-edge mobile industrial cleaning services, industrial air and water expertise, industrial vacuuming, paint-stripping, innovative shower and sanitation services, natural disaster and community aid and, of course, advanced waterjetting technology.

For more than 50 years, MPW owes its competitive advantage to a commitment to design and build custom equipment tailored to meet customer needs. For example, MPW’s mobile deionization fleet is one of the largest in North America and features the best equipment—fabricated in-house—in the industry.

MPW’s customized industrial water solutions set the industry standard for reliability, providing high-level service and innovative technology. MPW stands ahead of the competition by offering everything from mobile Reverse Osmosis and fixed-base systems to High Solids UF and High Solids Clarifiers.

MPW’s Total Waste Program develops customized equipment, technology and strategies to transform our customers’ waste-management systems into first class operations in environmental sustainability. MPW offers safe, sustainable practices combined with innovative industrial services to coordinate onsite total waste needs. MPW works together with its customers to manage disposal, recycling and other forms of industrial waste.

Compressed air is essential to every aspect of manufacturing and MPW Industrial Air Utility Solutions offers fully automated, energy-saving compressed air modules to eliminate customers’ need to purchase, operate, maintain and monitor their own compressed air systems. MPW compressed air modules incorporate only new, modern, state-of-the-art centrifugal and oil free rotary screw air compressors and desiccant air dryers.

Production Paint Stripping, Limited (PPS) provides industrial coating removal services, including stripping paint and residue from vehicles, paint tools, fixtures, hooks, jigs and racks. The expert team at PPS is proficient in a wide variety of cleaning methods and applies the correct procedure to avoid damage to the underlying structure. Our commitment to quality control includes inspection of parts at every stage of the coating removal process. We also offer washing and rust protection so parts return to looking as good as new.

For all your industrial services needs, experience the MPW difference!

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