Environmental Sustainability Program


We take a proactive approach to environmental management, demonstrated in part by this comprehensive environmental program. Environmental Management is not complete without a strong commitment to sustainability, and we also make that commitment for our company and through the services we provide. We welcome and need your ownership.

Program Vision

The company aspires to be our industry’s leader in environmental and sustainability excellence – a responsible neighbor, safeguarding the environment for future generations.


Stewards of the environment in the communities where we live and work – protecting the environment, responsibly using resources, sustainably sourcing work, conducting environmentally reliable work and world-class services to help customers with their efficiency and sustainability initiatives.

Overall Program Goals

  • Commit necessary resources to comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, permits and agreements to which we subscribe — both at company and customer sites – so we can live up to our values.
  • Reduce or eliminate air, water, and land environmental risks by investing in and improving operating practices, engineering initiatives, technology advancements, and emergency preparedness procedures to prevent harmful emissions and releases.
  • Participate in recycling, recovery, and reuse of residual materials and minimize the use of hazardous materials.
  • Provide industry leading environmental services and solutions that ensure customer goals are met or exceeded and invest in customer and community initiatives.
  • Routinely evaluate basic compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations, striving for continual improvement.


  • Follow laws, regulations, this program, policies, procedures, and best practices to protect the environment.
  • Implement and maintain the company’s Environmental Program.
  • Train and involve staff regarding responsible environmental stewardship.
  • Set and meet clear objectives and feasible goals which lead to continuous improvement.
  • Evaluate the environmental impacts of projects or activities, ensuring appropriate measures to minimize risk.
  • Measure environmental performance using audits and inspection to verify progress.
  • Invest in technology and innovation to improve environmental performance for us and our customers.
  • Establish and verify applicable environmental criteria for suppliers and contractors.

We will comply with applicable federal, state, and local environmental regulations as well as customer mandates to
maintain standards that equal or exceed industry environmental practices. We know programs, systems and
performance are only as good as the people on the team; we would like to thank associates – past, present, and
future – for their hard work and dedication. Thanks for being committed to our teammates, families, customers and
the company.

Jared L. Black
Monte Black Sig

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