Safety Culture

Since 1972, MPW has thrived in industrial America by adhering to the same basic concepts, which are illustrated in the company’s mission statement:

Create and enhance enduring customer relationships through safety, innovation and service.

A prime example of MPW’s established yet ongoing dedication to safety is the company’s Safety Coin Program.

Ever since Monte Black introduced MPW’s first safety coin to employees in 2006, they have become integral in the company’s culture.

After employees complete their mandatory safety training, MPW supervisors give them safety coins along with instructions to place them in their pockets daily to remind them of their commitment to work safely and in compliance with all policies and procedures. MPW managers routinely ask employees to show their safety coins.

The safety coin program is apparent at all MPW jobsites, including MPW’s corporate locations. Everyone from technicians to corporate office staff to members of the Executive Committee is expected to have their safety coin in their possession at all times.

It was essential to Black that the size, weight and quality of the coins properly symbolized MPW’s commitment to safety.

“We went with the larger-than-standard coin size because I wanted people to be able to feel its weight in their pocket as a constant reminder of the importance of safety,” Black said.

Employees and clients alike quickly took notice. Companies such as Dow Chemical and American Electric Power have replicated MPW’s safety coin programs for their own employees, which can be considered a tribute to Black and MPW.

Today, the program is a key component of a company that has more than 3,000 employees. In fact, when MPW leaders created the company’s mission statement in 2014, they made sure safety was its first core value.

MPW updated its safety coin program to include the silver version in 2017 and the smaller, magnetic pin in 2016.

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