Dredging & Dewatering

MPW’s cutting-edge fleet of equipment includes manned and remotely operated dredges and pumps to execute any pit or pond project, including ash pond remediation assignments. Our system allows for the effective and efficient recovery of sludge from nearly any tank, pond or container. MPW’s safety-minded professionals include experts in engineering, industrial cleaning, water treatment and environmental services, allowing us to custom design a solution to any dredging or dewatering challenge.

Dredging & Dewatering

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  • Pre-deployment testing and evaluation of client needs, including sonar mapping
  • Large supply of dredging equipment includes:
    • Floating diesel-powered dredge platform
    • Remote-controlled dredge
    • Submersible pumps in varying sizes and capacities
    • Augers to loosen sludge and debris
    • Cable guides to navigate dredging process
    • Bumpers and liner guards to increase safety
  • Additional pond-cleaning services are available
  • Multiple dewatering techniques are available, including: geobags, filter presses and clarifiers


  • Experienced team ensures adherence to OSHA and site-specific safety regulations
  • Remote-operated equipment removes personnel from harm’s way
  • Experience with coal-combustion residuals (CCRs)/ash pond remediation processes to meet EPA regulations
  • Reduction of downtime by keeping pond online during dredging operation

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