Industrial Decontamination Services

MPW offers industrial decontamination services for a wide range of circumstances by removing, neutralizing or destroying any harmful substance, such as coronavirus (COVID-19) and the more dominant, highly transmissible Delta Variant (SARS-COV-2).

MPW’s chemicals and processes have been audited and approved by a certified industrial hygienist (CIH) to properly protect its employees and other workers. We systematically decontaminate clean-rooms, process equipment, fume hoods, food and beverage facilities, entire buildings and any other contaminated area.

In both emergency and scheduled situations, MPW analyzes the problem and creates a thorough, safe and cost-effective solution. We routinely staff and complete projects calling for a substantial labor force.

MPW provides rapid response and long term scheduled solutions for deep cleaning of industrial facilities, buildings and working environments. Our trained staff mobilize and coordinate every aspect of the job task. After an initial assessment a safe cost-effective strategy will be developed and submitted. Clients are made aware of every aspect involved in the deep cleaning of the property, from walk-through to completion.

Industrial Decontamination Services

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Epidemic or Pandemic Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection: The MPW Approach and Procedures

Situation.  A hazard, like the flu or similar infectious disease, is expected, running its course, or has directly affected a customer or potential customer.

The customer generally requests one or more of the following levels of response:

I.  Routine cleaning and/or disinfection service (e.g. normal operations, low threat, routine)
II.  Preventative cleaning and/or disinfection service (e.g. no local exposure, low threat, routine)
III.  Reactive cleaning and/or disinfection service (e.g. local exposure suspected, mid-level threat)
IV.  Responsive cleaning and disinfection service (e.g. site directly exposed, higher threat)

The levels of service are not to be confused with the amount and degree of cleaning and/or disinfection services that are requested or provided:

Level of service(s) requestedDegree of Cleaning
A. Cleaning Onlya) Common and high contact areas (doors, break or restrooms)
b) Individual work or office spaces/areas (desks, chairs, copiers)
c) All surfaces with potential for contact
d) Entire facility or area, floor to ceiling
B. Disinfection Only
C. Cleaning and disinfection
D. Higher/other service(s)


Cleaning: refers to removal of dirt and impurities, including germs and viruses, from surfaces; cleaning alone does not kill germs or viruses, but removing these infectious particles decreases their number and therefore risk of spreading infection.

Disinfecting: using chemicals to kill germs on surfaces; process does not necessarily clean surfaces or remove germs but killing germs and viruses on a surface after cleaning further reduces risk of spreading infection.

Trained personnel. Our cleaning and disinfection personnel complete training in:

  • Overview of regulatory standards and occupational hazards
  • Overview of hazard types, including BBP/OPIM
  • Cleaning and disinfecting principles and methods
  • Equipment and tools, including PPE
  • Waste management
  • Monitoring

When preparing for reactive or responsive services, our personnel receive additional training on:

  • Contract and job objectives
  • Known hazards at the customer site (e.g. type of contaminate or virus)
  • Specific principles
  • Specific cleaning and disinfecting methods
  • Specific equipment and PPE
  • Local waste management
  • Local monitoring

Chemical Decontamination and Heavy Metals

MPW decontaminates areas polluted with heavy metals or chemicals by utilizing pressure washing, chemical cleaning or other methods.

Oil Decontamination and PCB

MPW regularly performs triple-wash-triple-rinse processes that may include the use of solvents to decontaminate leaking PCB transformers, transformer pads, PCB/high-voltage transformer vaults and manholes.

Process Equipment and Tanks

MPW effectively cleans chemical tanks and process equipment using the following techniques:

  • Confined space entries into tanks
  • Manual scraping of solid chemicals
  • Pressure washing
  • Cold and hot cutting of steel for removal of tank lines

Closure of RCRA Hazardous Waste Storage Area

To meet state and federal specifications, MPW closes RCRA hazardous waste storage areas and storage tanks via triple-wash and triple-rinse procedures, including concrete scarifying. MPW completes the entire project, including final sampling for closure reporting.

Preventative Deep Cleans

MPW safely and successfully executes deep cleaning projects for the automotive industry (paint, general assembly and body weld departments), food and beverage and commissioning/decommissioning ventures. Highly trained in fall protection, mobile lift/equipment operation and all other aspects of deep clean safety, MPW customizes deep clean plans to meet project/construction schedule deadlines, as well as production and OSHA requirements. Methods include:

  • Wipe down (chemical or dry tack wipe)
  • Pressure washing
  • Water jetting (10K-40K PSI)
  • Vacuum (dry/wet vac or HEPA Certified backpack vacuum)
  • Cryogenic cleaning (dry ice blasting)
  • Floor cleaning equipment

Environmental Services Entire Facility/Building Decontamination

MPW decontaminates smaller solo buildings up to sprawling facilities for closures. Selling an industrial building or facility may require prior decontamination for lead, PCB, animal fecal matter (pigeon, bat, chicken) or other contaminants. We employ the following methods:

  • Manual scraping and utilization of high-efficiency particulate air filter vacuums
  • Decontamination via bleach solutions
  • Pressure washing
  • Use of HEPA negative air machines
  • Manual and chemical cleaning

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