MPW deep clean allows smooth commissioning process for food manufacturer

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Before a custom food manufacturing company could commission a new facility in Ohio it would have to pass stringent FDA regulations and inspections.

The walls, ceilings, floors, fixtures, conveyors and metal racks in the facility’s expansive thaw room, meat cooler and decant room needed to be deep cleaned to meet stringent standards before food could be stored there.

The deep clean included the removal of dust, metal shavings and construction debris in a 40,000 square-foot area with ceiling heights of approximately 50 feet.


MPW personnel used manual cleaning techniques such as hand-wiping and vacuuming to complete the project. The crew utilized man-lifts to reach ceilings and other elevated areas.

PPE included rubber boots, paper suits, safety glasses, face shields and gloves. Workers also wore winter coats because refrigeration was already in use. To guard against contamination, MPW employees wore new PPE  daily and passed through a wash station before entering the warehouse.

Toward the end of the project, facility managers realized they did not yet have the personnel necessary to complete nightly production-line cleanings. MPW’s crew stepped in and completed this for them.


MPW completed the massive project within the planned four-month  schedule. With MPW’s help, the facility met or exceeded all FDA regulations and passed all inspections. Additionally, MPW’s ability to take on the production-line cleanings saved the customer from dealing with costly delays.

Facility management was extremely pleased with the efficiency and quality of clean produced, as well as the fact that MPW was not involved in any  safety incidents.

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