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Hazmat Program Stays On Track

June 7, 2024

MPW is literally leaving the competition in the dust at a Kentucky steel plant. MPW is helping the steel plant to transport KO61 dust—a toxic hazardous waste material generated from the steelmaking process—by rail, which is a far more economical and environmentally-friendly method than road transportation. “I wouldn’t say we’re the only ones who could […]

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Innovation: key to MPW total waste program

March 15, 2022

Industrial waste disposal can be innovative and MPW’s Total Waste program is at the forefront.“Most industries have their own concerns and priorities when comes to waste management,” said Operations Manager Anthony Brown. “MPW is good at all of them.” MPW recently launched MPW Total Waste, which showcases our ability to use teamwork to manage disposal, […]

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MPW and Volkswagen

MPW Reaches Goal for Southern Car Manufacturer

September 8, 2021

PROBLEM Volkswagen produces cars in the Chattanooga production facility. In the nearly 3 million square foot facility, parts are stored in a warehouse and then brought to the production line as needed. These parts come in their own packaging that is removed, leaving boxes, plastic, wood, and other debris in the warehouse areas before sending […]

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Environmental and industrial cleaning teams shine for steel producer

May 6, 2021

PROBLEM An environmental services company working at a stainless-steel production facility faced constant issues with safety, compliance, equipment and meeting project deadlines. The mill, which was located in the Southeastern part of the United States, inevitably began searching for a more competent organization to manage its waste services, environmental spills and emergency response. The new […]

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Pallet Compactor

Compactors Give MPW A Green Edge

December 11, 2020

In addition to increasing efficiency and decreasing on-site work hours, MPW’s compactors also offer some environmental benefits. MPW Director of Engineering & Manufacturing Justin Pierce said crushing the wooden pallets results in the ability to fit more than three times as much material in the waste receptacle. This lessens the number of pickups necessary to […]

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Rachel Rathburn

Featured Branch: Greensburg, Indiana – FEM Division

September 10, 2020

Discuss your branch/department’s dedication to safety. We have a high standard for safety. Starting with our new-hire orientation, candidates review past incidents to teach critical thinking skills and hazard awareness. That is continued daily with thorough pre-shift safety talks. We ask associates to be mindful of their surroundings to prevent near misses before they happen, […]

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Honda Award

Global automakers honor MPW

August 10, 2020

MPW Industrial Services earned Toyota’s Cost Improvement Award and Honda’s Performance Sustainability Award for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2020. MPW serves both Honda and Toyota with its partner, RFG. To determine its Cost Improvement Award winners, Toyota evaluates all supplier performances and recognizes ones that display exceptional commitment and results in exceeding targets […]

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Featured Branch: Plasman Paint Shop

Featured Branch: Plasman Paint Shop

July 16, 2020

Plasman Paint ShopFort Payne, Alabama Discuss your branch/department’s dedication to safetyOur on-site staff takes safety very seriously. We are often the first ones to see and report issues to the custom- ers. We participate in Safety Starters every shift, all of our staff are accountable to each other, and they point out when an issue […]

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Emergency Labor Support Services Spec Sheet

April 16, 2020

View Full Spec Sheet Returning employees to safe workplaces following COVID-19 related shutdowns can be a complicated task.

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MPW Trainers Deliver Valuable Virtual Decontamination Course

April 9, 2020

View Full Success Story Problem An automotive manufacturer in Virginia sought to safely and efficiently decontaminate its plant after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Due to their longstanding relationship with MPW, plant managers knew MPW’s Safety & Training Department had the decontamination expertise and technical ability to quickly deliver the requested program. Solution MPW’s Safety & […]

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