MPW Trainers Deliver Valuable Virtual Decontamination Course

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An automotive manufacturer in Virginia sought to safely and efficiently decontaminate its plant after the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Due to their longstanding relationship with MPW, plant managers knew MPW’s Safety & Training Department had the decontamination expertise and technical ability to quickly deliver the requested program.


MPW’s Safety & Training personnel created the customized course after researching best practices and industry standards published by OSHA, the CDC and others. With the help of MPW’s in-house Marketing Department, the team also prerecorded a video demonstrating proper techniques for donning PPE for decontamination work.

Although the Safety & Training team does not regularly train customers’ personnel, they were experienced in providing similar courses for MPW workers, who have been performing industrial decontamination and deep cleaning services for years. In both emergency and scheduled situations, MPW analyzes the problem and creates a thorough, safe and cost-effective strategy. With its substantial labor force, the company routinely staffs and manages both emergency-response and prescheduled projects.


The team delivered the course to plant employees via Skype two days after the request. It focused on creating a thorough understanding of coronavirus, the recognition of COVID-19 symptoms, correct routes of entry for viral decontamination processes and additional safety processes and recommendations. The training session ensured workers were comfortable with the situation, mindful of proper chemical-cleaning techniques and confident that their PPE would protect them.

The facility’s crew effectively decontaminated the facility, creating a safer environment for thousands of workers. Afterwards, customer contacts shared positive feedback with MPW regarding the quality of the training course and the quick response time.

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