Products Direct

MPW Industrial Water’s Products Direct offers a full line of industrial-grade ion exchange resins, brackish RO elements, bag and cartridge filter housings, cartridge and bag filters, granular activated carbon and traditional filtration media. Resin re-beds, multimedia re-beds, activated-carbon system re-beds and RO membrane replacements in customer systems are also available. All products are available with exceptional savings to customers.

Products Direct


  • Industrial grade ion exchange resins
    • weak acid cation resin
    • strong acid cation exchange resin (H+ form)
    • weak base anion resin
    • strong base anion exchange resin
    • mixed bed resin
    • softening resin (Na+ form SAC)
    • condensate polishing resin
    • special application ion exchange resin
  • 8-inch brackish and seawater water reverse osmosis (RO) membranes
    • standard and low energy
  • Bag and cartridge filter housings
  • Polypropylene melt blown depth cartridge filters
  • Polypropylene bag filter elements
  • Pre-engineered systems (packaged UF/RO/EDI systems)
  • Granular activated carbon
  • Traditional and speciality filtration media
    • quartz gravel and sand
    • garnet
    • anthracite
  • Industrial water quality instrumentation

Turnkey Services

  • Re-beds of ion exchange resins in customer-owned deionization (DI) systems
  • EDI retrofits
  • Re-beds of multimedia in customer-owned pressure filters
  • Re-beds of customer-owned activated carbon systems
  • Membrane replacements in customer-owned RO systems
  • System evaluations
  • Custom lateral design and installation
  • Membrane cleanings, studies and autopsies

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