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July 12, 2018

Babaryk captures 2017 Salesperson of the Year Award

“I’m always impressed with Gary’s business acumen, professionalism and loyalty. The way he presents himself, whether it’s to co-workers or to a customer. His follow-up is impeccable. His creative and collaborative negotiating skills are outstanding. Also, I know I can trust him to work autonomously and with integrity.” – Mike Sokol When asked how he […]

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June 28, 2018

Caster Flume Mini Excavator Spec Sheet

View Spec Sheet MPW’s Caster Flume Mini Excavator offers an automated solution for breaking slag deposits from steel mill caster flumes. The system consists of an ultra-compact mini excavator mounted on a platform, allowing it to traverse along an existing track, using a hydraulic hammer bit to demolish slag. This method replaces the manual use […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
June 20, 2018

Submersible Crawler Spec Sheet

View Spec Sheet MPW’s versatile Submersible Crawler completes video inspections in tight areas and on difficult surfaces. Rare-earth magnetic wheels allow the crawler to scale nearly any direction on ferrous metals, including some walls and tanks. To execute industrial cleaning projects with the safest hands-free techniques, MPW adds pressure-washing and vacuuming attachments to the vehicle. […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
May 22, 2018

Teetering Dual-Axis Boiler Cleaner Spec Sheet

View  Spec Sheet The MPW Teetering Dual-Axis Boiler Cleaner provides a safe, efficient and precise method to clean boiler tube lanes found in both mud drum and steam drum type boilers. Incorporating the ability to quickly switch out cleaning heads, the tool achieves an overall surface clean with a controllable teetering head to clean lanes […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
April 19, 2018

Automated 2-D rotating wash head delivers safer stack clean, $24 million in boosted production

View Full Case Study The towering smoke stacks affiliated with industrial settings such as steel mills actually serve an environmental purpose. Within these stacks, electrostatic smoke precipitators (ESPs) force smoke and gas past two electrical terminals — one with a negative voltage and the other with metal plates charged to a positive voltage. Since unlike […]

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