A Texas Auto Manufacturer Partners with MPW for Industrial Cleaning and Technology Support


Electric Vehicle Services

A Texas automobile manufacturer required detailed industrial cleaning for the building and process equipment in several locations within the plant, including the paint shop, as well as the battery formation, battery cell and drive unit departments.

The manufacturer also required specialized dashboards with the ability to track many different data metrics. Additionally, technical ability was sought to continually “drill down” into the data or take the user from a more general view of the data to a more specific one.


May 2021, MPW closed a deal to provide a deep clean of Texas factory’s paint shop. MPW’s responsiveness and efficient communication impressed the manufacturer, leading to a long-term partnership.

The manufacturer offered MPW a rare single-source industrial cleaning contract based on the quality of MPW’s deep-cleans and the MPW sales team’s hard work, customer-focused approach and flexibility.

MPW’s IT worked with the manufacturer to identify all the requested data points. This data came from several, internally developed systems, which were consolidated onto one dashboard.

MPW’s IT utilized aspects paginated reporting to fulfill the requested “drill down” into the data. This type of paginated reporting was new to MPW.


The factory is anticipated to be at full production capacity—eventually producing 5,000 vehicles per week—by the end of the year.

This experience will open the door for MPW to continue its work in electric vehicle support with other companies.

MPW’s IT added several new layers of meta data into a portal to capture all requested data points. MPW’s IT combined its two different applications to obtain the best features from both. The Texas factory is the first site to leverage this combination.

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