MPW Introduces Recycling System for Hydro-Excavation Industry

New System Reduces Operating Costs and Saves Resources

Hydro-Excavation Recycle System(HEBRON, Ohio) — Date — MPW has developed an automated system that allows dig water to be reused in hydro-excavation, revolutionizing the industry. By separating excavated debris from dig water, aggregate and soil can be repurposed for use on site or hauled for disposal, allowing the dig water to be reused, thereby reducing operating costs and/or allowing for pollutant free disposal.

“The Hydro-Excavation Recycling System reduces budget, decreases the use of resources, and improves efficiency by reusing the wastewater from the excavating process,” said Tim Dondero, MPW Industrial Water GM (General Manager). “Additionally, the new system reduces both spoil pits and their management and off-site disposal. We can also provide an option for the treatment of hazardous materials.”

Historically, hydro-excavation tanks are refilled with fresh water, totaling 1,500 to 2,000 gallons per tank. That process creates great demand on freshwater resources, considering the excavation itself already released that much waste water, it seemed logical to explore the concept to recycle this water.

“We raised the question: ‘Could this wasted, murky water, if cleaned enough, be used to supplement or replace the need for fresh water at dig sites?’” said Dondero.

The answer was a resounding yes. And MPW engineers set to work on developing the innovative system.

MPW’s hydro recycler system is three units that shake out the rocks, remove the silt, sand and soils, and finally clarify the water for reuse in the excavation process. The system is PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) controlled, automated and remotely checked for water treatment. Its small footprint requires minimal on-site equipment for installation.

“Sustainability is a priority with this system and the Hydro-Excavation Recycling System can help your project site save significant operating costs as well as precious resources,” said Dondero.

For more information on the Hydro-Excavation System, contact MPW at 1-800-827-8790, or visit

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