Engineering & Fabrication Services

MPW’s Engineering and Fabrication services offer cutting-edge solutions to industrial challenges. MPW has demonstrated its commitment to reducing and/or eliminating hazards by increasing the number of engineers and fabricators evaluating and constructing automated systems that minimize risk to field technicians.

As a family-owned-and-operated business, MPW’s growth strategy focuses more on the long term. As a result, MPW invests a higher percentage of its revenue in the development and fabrication of hands-free water jetting technology. This equipment helps eliminate the risk of serious injuries, advances technology in the industry and delivers value to our customers. MPW’s commitment to safety and technology has produced many prestigious awards, including Zero Injury Safety Awards and the People’s Choice Award for Safety Innovation.

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Engineering & Fabrication Services

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Tooling Design

MPW offers a wide array of tooling and devices to handle numerous jobs in different industries. However, in the event that one of our tools can’t fulfill your needs, our engineering team will design custom tooling as needed. We can design modular tools that are easy to partially disassemble in order to bring into confined spaces, while still maintaining our standard safety features. We also adapt our tools to fit available operating requirements such as air or water sources.

We utilize electrical, hydraulic or pneumatic tooling to fit the needs of specific jobs. While our primary industrial cleaning agent is water, we also work with cryogenic (dry ice) blasting, sand blasting and air blasting for environments where water is unsuitable.

Our engineering team’s primary concern when developing new tooling is operator safety. We strive to include various levels of automation into our machines in order to reduce potential operator error and to help improve ergonomics for workers.

Electrical Engineering

Our electrical engineers use Autodesk’s well-known and powerful AutoCAD drawing tool to carefully lay out electrical schematics and ensure both safety for personnel and efficiency for systems.

Our electrical systems are composed of products from market leaders in all areas, including Siemens and Rockwell Automation.

Mechanical Engineering

Experienced fabricators and machinists utilize advanced 3D CAD modeling technology to design and revise tools while accounting for multiple challenges in real time. The 3D view allows our engineers to account for design difficulties early in the process. If not handled immediately, these issues (e.g. clearance problems, weight distribution, flow restrictions) can become more serious later in the construction process.

The technical and detailed mechanical drawings provided to our fabrication staff (and, situationally, available to customers) are generated live based upon the most recent model of the tooling or process. This means changes are incorporated on the spot, reducing the wait between a project being designed, and it being realized on the floor.

Our machinists work closely with engineers to ensure there are no communication issues from design to assembly, and they are available to adjust and improve tooling, as needed by our customers.

Process Evaluation

Do you need a custom solution for your process? The same engineers who design and maintain our specialized tooling are available to visit your site to evaluate your situation and needs and recommend a solution. Whether it’s simply a case of applying one of our many existing tools to do our standard work or a completely custom-tailored solution unique to your plant, our team can diagnose and prepare a suggested solution rapidly.

All of our tools and processes are carefully monitored through conception, implementation and execution to ensure a smooth delivery. Our experienced team is trained to troubleshoot problems and work with our field service operators to overcome hurdles, such as premature part failure or additional undetected interference issues.

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