MPW operates a sophisticated fabrication facility, 24-hours a day. MPW Fabrication, with its dedicated space, equipment and technicians, has the capability to manufacture custom industrial solutions and products to meet virtually any industrial challenge.

Metal Forming

• Break machines for bending and creasing
• Sheering machines for cutting
• Punch press machines for placing holes
• Slip roller machines to form large radius curves
• Pipefitting machines to cut, bend and thread pipe
• Plasma cutting machines to rapidly cut flat parts


• Metal Inert Gas (MIG)
• Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG)
• Stick


• Mill
• Lathe


MPW operates a sophisticated assembly facility 24-hours a day. MPW Assembly, with its dedicated space, equipment and technicians, has the capability to assemble complex custom industrial mobile solutions and products for virtually any industry.

• Mechanical
• Electrical
• Plumbing

Equipment Overhaul

MPW ‘s ability to overhaul the most complex equipment and systems, in partnership with the fabrication and assembly groups, is top-rated and operates on a 24-hours a day schedule.

Field Support

MPW provides robust field support for all of its custom industrial mobile equipment in the field, both at MPW satellite locations and client sites throughout North America, on a 24/7 basis. Our support services provide the maintenance, parts and services necessary to maximize performance from equipment already in place. MPW’s field technicians commission the equipment, ensuring that all compliance checks are complete.

Additionally, our field technicians and customer support engineers routinely perform planned maintenance, while monitoring performance and diagnosing problems. With optimal support, your business will inherit more high quality and reliable equipment and systems.
MPW’s field support technicians are fluent with the procedures of the industries we serve and are conversant with each of their proprietary equipment and systems.

Paint and Body Shop

MPW’s Paint and Body shop is a full service provider that operates 24-hours a day. The shop has the capability to apply all types of paint and coatings, decals, vehicle body part replacement and equipment and vehicle restoration.

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