Safety Program

MPW is committed to be the environmental, health and safety leader in industrial services. We all share responsibility to make MPW, our customers and the industry safer.

MPW’s proactive, comprehensive health and safety process is based on integrated management systems and results in continuous improvement. Safety is a core value and is pervasive in all of our projects. Our training department provides options and resources to all employees, ensuring safety is a top priority.

MPW has demonstrated its commitment to reducing and/or eliminating hazards by increasing the number of engineers and fabricators evaluating and constructing automated systems that minimize risk to field technicians.

MPW Staff Safety Preparations

Safety Overview

  • Leaders are responsible for safety and accountable for performance.
  • Executive management and business unit leaders meet at least monthly in Safety Committee Meetings to implement environmental, health and safety improvements.
  • Resources are invested and committed to make people, equipment and systems safer.
  • Everyone carries their MPW safety coin/pin.
  • We investigate, track, report and complete corrective actions for all incidents.
  • Hazards are removed through innovation and engineering wherever possible.
  • Our teammates are trained and developed using our learning management system (LMS), classrooms, hands-on and on-the-job training.
  • “Safety Starters” and “Toolbox Talks” start every meeting, job and shift change to promote a positive, active safety culture.
  • Everyone submits a meaningful safety observation with action monthly in Intelex.

Key Components to the MPW Safety Program

  • A monthly safety observation(s) is required of every MPW employee.
  • Immediate corrective actions are stressed.
  • MPW provides hands-on training at all locations.
  • Toolbox safety meetings are conducted daily.
  • We aggressively maintain an injury/incident reporting system.
  • Safety recertifications are conducted annually.
  • Annual safety refresher training is encouraged.

Equipment Training

  • Water blast and pressure wash
  • Dry & wet vac
  • 10K – 40K psi blasting
  • Auto tooling
  • Front-end loader, skid steer, PIT/AWP

Supplemental Training

  • Customer site specific
  • DOT pre-trip/post-trip
  • Defensive driving
  • Backing/Spotting
  • First aid/CPR/AED

OSHA & MSHA Training

  • New Hire (includes OSHA 10-hour)
  • OSHA 30-hour
  • Confined Space Rescue
  • MSHA refresher
MPW Safety

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