Automation Philosophy

Through ongoing investment in automation, MPW delivers a safer work environment and a superior service experience, eliminating surpluses and redundancies. MPW is dedicated to reducing costs, protecting the environment and maximizing safety.

Data Analysis

All automated equipment at MPW utilizes various forms of data logging and analysis. With this data, we identify potential problems, as well as get an insight into issues before they become pronounced. Primarily OPC based, all data from system instrumentation is recorded and saved to a vast number of databases on site.


Raw data from equipment processors is written directly into an excel spreadsheet. Using a blend of Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), this data is recorded and collated. The data is transcribed into graphical form for review. Documents created in this manner can be supplemented with various levels of automation. Full or partial reports, over any time span, can be sent anywhere desired.


Statistical Process Control, (SPC) is incorporated into the programming suite we already utilize for our Human-Machine Interfaces (HMI). Using the program setup, alarm and warning conditions can be defined and enabled. Where one of the configured conditions occurs, a series of events take place, all fully customizable: an alarm may not only cause a valve to shut, but also lock out the screen from further interaction. If the alarm condition proves false, a dialog box may appear on screen prompting the operator to alleviate the problem. For example, a warning may come on the screen to alert an operator that, based on calculated pump hours, a pump may be nearing time for an oil change. Behind the scenes, this same warning is sent out via email or text to the regional supervisor.

System Trends

A standard in all our equipment, MPW utilizes a trending screen that displays all equipment data in real-time. Data is organized by different pre-defined parameters for ease of analysis. Trend screens display a line graph of each sensor over a user-defined amount of time. This graphical interface can even be paused and time moved back indefinitely. Years of historical data in snapshot form is capable of being displayed on-screen at any time.

Custom Programming

SQL, VB, Java, etc. are all programming languages that our engineers have utilized in various one-off applications. Data can be displayed on a server, webpage or smartphone. Integration into many different types of SCADA systems is something we work with in order to meet your customized needs.

Remote Monitoring


MPW knows that even with the most sophisticated equipment design problems can arise. That is why we strive to make remote access to our systems a high priority. No matter the nature of the issue, an MPW engineer is available to remotely assess the situation. We accomplish this via a highly secure, VNC-based protocol program. Using this program, an authorized engineer can remotely access a system to monitor equipment, troubleshoot alarms, or even alter system operation. This not only saves time, but can reduce costs associated with traveling to a site. No need to worry about cyber-security: we create a VPN tunnel in our remote software, and only authorized and trained personnel may utilize the connection. Even with customer supplied internet, our equipment is isolated from both your network and the outside world.


A highly mobile company, MPW is no stranger to remote environments. All of our automated equipment comes standard with a mobile broadband card specifically chosen to best match the service offered in your area. While customer supplied internet is a requirement for some, we strive to be independent in providing exemplary service. The internet connection allows us to offer advanced reporting and monitoring services. For added security, all of our HMIs have two separate network interfaces, so the control system is physically separated from the outside world.


All MPW equipment comes with alarm notification capabilities. Anytime a system alarm occurs, a notification is sent. We have the ability to manage all alarms through our 24/7 dispatch team, freeing you from answering calls in the middle of the night or during time-off. This sophisticated alarm system is designed to get attention to the system only when necessary and only to the right people. If you would prefer not to receive an email, MPW can also send messages via text, audible horns and even directly to your control room.

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