Innovation: key to MPW total waste program

Industrial waste disposal can be innovative and MPW’s Total Waste program is at the forefront.
“Most industries have their own concerns and priorities when comes to waste management,” said Operations Manager Anthony Brown. “MPW is good at all of them.”

MPW recently launched MPW Total Waste, which showcases our ability to use teamwork to manage disposal, recycling and other forms of industrial waste for our customers.

MPW Total Waste works with customer facility leaders as part of the team to create a custom designed industrial waste management program unique to each individual facility. We offer safe, sustainable practices combined with innovative industrial services to coordinate onsite total waste needs.

“We didn’t start out in the waste business,” Brown said. Years ago, MPW would safely contain any industrial waste created as the result of an industrial cleaning operation and the customer would make its own arrangements for final disposal. “Some-where along the line, someone said, ‘Why don’t we just take care of everything?’” he said.

Brown said industrial waste disposal—particularly for medium-sized and large generators of toxic and nontoxic waste—is heavily regulated and each state has its own rules for mitigation. Our customers are generally more than happy to team with MPW not only to navigate all the regulations, but also to provide the customer the most competitive rate for disposal. “We’re not tied to a disposal site,” Brown said, which gives MPW a distinct advantage in pricing. “It makes us a little more nimble. Our customers love the idea that we can provide them the best or better deal than they can get on their own.”

MPW Total Waste is also at the forefront of Zero-Waste-to-Landfill initiatives. MPW develops customized equipment, technology and plans to efficiently transform our customers’ waste-management systems into first-class operations in environmental sustainability.

For example, MPW was successful in reducing the landfill waste for a southern automobile production facility by 58% per vehicle. We were able to save more than the originally pro-posed goal, bringing the customer one step closer in the push to go zero-waste-to-landfill in the future.

MPW Total Waste serves an incredibly large array of customers in industries from automotive and power generation to petrochemical and aerospace. But Brown said serving such a wide variety of customers requires one common thread — teamwork.

He said success depends upon cooperation between the waste group, industrial services and especially the customer. “If everybody is on the same page, you can be really successful,” Brown said. “And, we really do work well as a team.”

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