Featured Branch: Greensburg, Indiana – FEM Division

Discuss your branch/department’s dedication to safety.

Rachel Rathburn

We have a high standard for safety. Starting with our new-hire orientation, candidates review past incidents to teach critical thinking skills and hazard awareness. That is continued daily with thorough pre-shift safety talks. We ask associates to be mindful of their surroundings to prevent near misses before they happen, and they are trained on the program during their first week of employment. Our goal is to consistently maintain 100% compliance on training and safety observations each month. Our Safety Committee reviews all submissions for our site and votes on the most meaningful observation. That associate is our Safety Associate of the Month and is awarded a $50 promo credit as well as being highlighted on our Safety Visual Board.

List some of the customers (internal or external) your branch services.

We primarily service the Paint Department, but we also provide staff in the AF and Welding Departments. Our work also includes monthly projects in the VQ and Stamping Departments. Most recently we have also assisted Admin with COVID-19 cleanings.

Ricky Couch

Discuss any recent MPW success stories involving your branch/department.

Preparing for the return from the COVID-19 shutdown, our customer was unable to purchase hand sanitizer due to the shortages and backorders, so they reached out to MPW. As a result of teamwork, we were able to secure two pallets of hand sanitizer from Porta Kleen to pass along to the customer. Upon our return from the COVID-19 shutdown our First Shift Supervisor Ricky Couch was awarded a divisional ARP (Associate Recognition Program) from our customer. These awards are not normally given to contractor associates, but they wanted to show appreciation for Ricky’s assistance at the plant during the shutdown.

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