MPW makes quick work of facility deep clean

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A uranium-enrichment plant in the Southwestern United States needed
an extensive cleaning before workers could install essential equipment. Plant management was seeking a contractor capable of removing every minute particle of dirt and dust from floor to ceiling.

Following internet research, facility leaders contacted MPW. Though plant personnel had never done business with MPW before, they were immediately impressed with MPW’s reputation for safety as well as the scope of its services. An offer was extended for MPW to make a presentation and submit a bid for deep cleaning services.


After winning the bid, MPW sent six workers outfitted with backpack vacs, man lifts and vacuum trucks. Utilizing the man lifts, MPW personnel were able to access every corner of the 140,000-square-foot facility, vacuuming out dust and other detritus.


MPW originally planned to execute this project over two weeks. However, keeping consistent with its reputation for efficiency, MPW completed the deep clean in just six days, simultaneously exceeding the customer’s expectations and providing significant savings by minimizing labor hours.

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