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September 20, 2023

A tech manufacturer with outstanding customer service and its product distributor were both named MPW Suppliers of the Year 2022. Engineering Manager Matt Tenley said award winners George E. Booth Company LLC and the Endress+Hauser Instrumentation Company (E+H) sales team really understand MPW’s business needs. “Since we made the change to their products in 2015 […]

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One Step Ahead

June 29, 2023

Adam Boyden Wins Walking Challenge HR Generalist Adam Boyden, who won the June company Walking Challenge, didn’t stay just one step ahead of the competition. He stayed 2,736 steps ahead of his closest competitor. “I’m still having pains in my feet,” said Boyden, who managed 145,497 steps during the weeklong competition. He was followed closely […]

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A Day in the Life: Mike Lemar

June 23, 2023

Being a first responder is in Security Officer Mike Lemar’s blood. “We do a lot,” he said. “We’re here to protect and serve, just like I did when I was a cop for 26 years.” Lemar was well-prepared for his position at MPW when he joined in 2017. He retired from being a policeman for […]

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Saved by Technology

June 23, 2023

A company with strong water jetting regulations and requirements for automation was looking for a willing partner to support its site because the company was disappointed with its existing provider. Enter MPW. “This chemical company pushes the technology on everybody who goes in there, and we were able to do it. They’re pretty stringent,” said […]

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National Safety Month 2023

June 1, 2023

June is National Safety Month and nowhere is fostering a culture of safety more important than at MPW Industrial Services, where each employee is required to submit a safety observation and a solution every month. Safety observations are a critical component of MPW’s safety program and culture. By identifying potential hazards and risks, these observations […]

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Sales Director Spotlight

May 25, 2023

Industrial Water with Casey Theys Casey Theys already had significant experience in his field before joining MPW in September of 2021 as an Industrial Water regional sales manager. He was promoted to Director of Sales a year ago. “I went into water treatment early in my career as a process engineer,” he said. “Over that […]

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MPW Introduces Volunteer Time Off Policy

April 26, 2023

MPW isn’t just a business partner; we’re a community partner and we want to encourage employees to be good stewards of their communities and give back in the best ways that they see fit. Through the new VTO—Volunteer Time Off—program, all MPW full-time employees with one year of employment may use up to 16 hours […]

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A Day in the Life: Jason Garvin

April 12, 2023

In a company as diverse as MPW in people and professions, it’s easy for all employees to settle into their immediate surroundings and lose touch with what other departments do on a regular basis, even on the same campus. Per reader request to focus more upon all MPW employees, sometimes all we need to bridge […]

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Hydro’s Heroes

March 8, 2023

Two PKX operators’ fast action and skillful vacuuming literally saved a man from being buried alive at a job site. In early February, PKX operators Scott Cooper and Jacob Glenn were digging about 25 feet away from a large trench at a construction site in Columbus. The long trench, which was dug and maintained by […]

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Recruitment Through Retention Program Is A Success

February 28, 2023

The MPW Honda Indiana team’s recruitment through retention program is a complete success. “We’ve been fully staffed since February of last year,” said Honda Indiana Account Manager Tonya Precht. She said optimal headcount is 88 MPW associates. Generally, the MPW department retains 95 to 100 associates, including floaters. “We carry floaters to cover for absenteeism […]

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