Automation is constantly changing the way industrial companies operate. Greater precision, reduced safety concerns and faster results are helping plant operators cut costs and improve productivity—especially during a petrochem or refinery turnaround. Selecting MPW as a partner with our vast resources and automation capabilities will help you accomplish nearly any task using less manpower, while improving efficiencies.

At MPW, we provide the experience, customization options and expert engineering to allow for a safe and efficient TAR process. With a special focus on automated industrial cleaning solutions, our team works 24/7 to support every plant’s unique needs.

Our blast pad service specializes in the latest automated technology for exchanger ID and OD cleaning applications in the refining and petrochemical markets. Equipment such as the cab-operated multi-lance machine and dual-stage, shell-side machine allows MPW to get customers’ equipment back to optimal running conditions in a fraction of the time. All MPW equipment is remotely operated, keeping employees out of harm’s way and ensuring a safer workplace with reduced risks to the company.

Check out our array of services below created to be innovative, minimize potential safety risks and achieve operating efficiencies all while maximizing performance.

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It’s no secret that preventive maintenance practices can drastically improve the overall efficiency and reliability of a refinery or any other  industrial operation.

Featured Story

In the industrial sector, the cleaning and inspection of critical equipment plays a significant role in any maintenance program.

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