Electric Vehicle Services

Electric Vehicle Support

MPW partners with electric vehicle manufacturers to provide cutting-edge solutions for today’s advanced EV manufacturing processes, including technical cleaning, environmental services and technology advancement.

MPW’s growth strategy focuses on the long term, providing continuing support services from plant construction to full operation. MPW has established itself as a preferred technical cleaning company for EV manufacturing facilities.

Technical Cleaning

Services include technical cleaning and filter change for automated dry scrub paint systems, and deep cleaning services for the manufacturing facility and departments including paint, plastics, casting, stamping, body, battery cell, battery pack and drive unit.

MPW also offers fixture, grate and skid cleaning for the paint, plastics, and battery pack departments.

Environmental Services

MPW provides environmental services such as battery recycling and efficient delivery to recycling centers. Scrap metal bailing is available to reduce carbon footprint and transportation costs.

Technology Advancement

MPW offers the latest technology innovation with specialized IT dashboards, which have the ability to track many different data metrics. Additionally, MPW IT offers “drill down” paginated reporting.

Electric Vehicle Services

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