Automated Tube Lancing

At the forefront of MPW’s technology are the SAL-1 (single automated lance) and MAL-3 (multiple automated lance) systems. These automated tube lancing systems produce a constant and consistent clean throughout the entire length of the tube. Utilizing air motors, these systems drive the lance forward and pull the lance back under pressure.

The MAL-3 is a fully automated system that is operated remotely from a PLC-controlled station fully removing the operator from the blast area. The X-Y System is easily assembled on horizontal or vertical tube bundles without the use of cranes or forklifts by minimal number of technicians.

Automated Tube Lancing

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  • Both systems can be used with pressures from 10k to 40k psi
  • MAL-3 is used in conjunction with the X-Y System to clean large tube bundles
  • SAL-1 is a lightweight, hand-held device for smaller tube bundles and/or more confined spaces
  • Adjustable speed cleanings
  • Can be used on vertical and horizontal bundles


  • Internal back-out preventers and external lance stops, ensuring safe cleaning
  • Increases efficiency and decreases downtime
  • Removes operator from blast area
  • Improves quality and speed of cleaning
  • Reduces cost by eliminating additional personnel

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