Dust Mitigation

Fugitive dust cleaning helps remove explosive airborne dust particles from your facility, in turn reducing the possibility of explosion.

We use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) vacuums on a variety of surfaces, including air conveyance cleaning, conveyor belt cleaning, silo tank cleaning and high ceilings. In addition to our fugitive / combustible dust cleaning services, we offer a preventative maintenance program that mitigates the hazards of a possible explosion.

Custom-designed and fabricated by MPW’s engineering team, MPW’s cable tray system eliminates combustible dust by mixing medium air pressure with high vacuum pressure in the nozzle inlet. This removes the dust and debris from between the cables and through the nozzle outlet, ensuring that no airborne dust escapes the area. This procedure is safe for use on live wires.

MPW delivers effective foam cleaning services in diverse industries across North America. With virtually limitless applications, foam cleaning can remove combustible and non-combustible dust, dirt, oil, grease and more. MPW’s foam cleaning strategies prevent shutdowns, preserving your valuable time and resources. Foam cleaning helps eliminate fire hazards by using non-flammable chemicals. MPW utilizes Momar’s EnviroPact products for its foam cleaning projects. These products represent the most environmentally friendly cleaning agents in their class.

Preventative safety measures are the best way to prevent injury and avoid OSHA violations.

Dust Mitigation

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  • High-pressure vacuuming with static dissipating hose
  • Fully grounded operation for live-wire work
  • Cable tray cleaning system
  • Adjustable air and vacuum pressure
  • Foam cleaning system
  • Safe removal of all dust including aluminum, bronze, magnesium, zinc, coal and sulphur
  • Wet ring vac-line attachment injects water into vacuum line


  • Eliminates risk of igniting combustible materials
  • Eliminates shutdowns
  • Single-mode filtration enables loading of wet or dry materials with no changeover
  • High density, biodegradable foam eliminates scrubbing
  • Ability to clean in hard-to-reach locations
  • Eliminates airborne dust during cleaning process
  • Increases efficiency and decreases downtime

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