MPW Industrial Services is an industry-leading provider of integrated facilities management and support services. MPW offers all encompassing customized programs integral to a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Our customer base includes manufacturing and service facilities that require scheduled maintenance daily, weekly, bimonthly, quarterly, semiannually or annually.

MPW Facility Management provides our customers with safe, superior maintenance performance, applying a turnkey approach to facility management by partnering with clients to provide daily on-site production enhancement and support services.

MPW’s Field Service Technicians fully staff Minnesota wastewater facility

Upon purchasing a Minnesota dairy facility, a food production company was facing issues with its wastewater discharge failing to meet city specifications. The city had fined the facility hundreds of thousands of dollars in previous years for discharges that exceeded the plant’s permit. At one point the city forced the facility to shut down the plant and transport all waste to a different waste treatment plant. 

MPW turns maintenance headache into management success

An international OEM manufacturer with a history of committed process improvements and excellent quality had a serious hole in its procurement budget. MRO inventory had been run for years by the maintenance department, and outside of an undersized “tool crib,” had stock throughout the production floor. The customer had used an “Open MRO” shop for years in the belief that it was the best method of minimizing deliverable inefficiencies and maximizing lead time.​