Emergency Labor Support Services

Returning employees to safe workplaces following COVID-19 related shutdowns can be a complicated task. Maintaining these workplaces remain a priority, as safety, health and environmental programs, policies and procedures continue to evolve. MPW’s Emergency Labor Support Services allow customers to easily navigate the “new normal.”

MPW can serve you during and after the pandemic. We deliver our industrial decontamination services in whole or in part according to your facility’s needs. We are also available to train your employees in our decontamination policies and procedures.

Emergency Labor Support Services

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MPW's Emergency Labor Service specializes in:

  • Body-temperature testing
  • Ingress control for employees, visitors and vendors
  • Security screenings
  • Fit-for-duty assessments
  • Cleaning and disinfecting services
    • High-contact or traffic areas: routine and frequent cleaning and disinfecting for entry points, time clocks, reception areas or lobbies, break or lunch areas, coffee and food stations, countertops, ATMs, kiosks, vending machines, doors, lights, banisters, etc.
    • Work areas: routine and frequent cleaning and disinfecting to support ongoing work for production areas, shipping/receiving areas, cages, tool/supply storage areas, shared equipment, guard stations, restrooms, locker rooms, etc.
    • Office areas: routine and frequent cleaning and disinfecting for offices, conference rooms, copier/printer rooms, shredders, desks, chairs, windows or partitions, cubicles, phones, keyboards, monitors, computer accessories, doors, lights, etc.
    • Vehicles: routine and frequent cleaning and disinfecting of vehicles, specifically shared vehicles, of all types with an emphasis on interior and exterior contact or touch points (door handles, hood releases, steering wheels, gear selectors, levers, etc.)
  • Waste management
    • Routine and frequent attention and action to limit the buildup of trash in the facility that could pose a hazard (tissue, hand wipes, magazines, newspapers, etc.) removal and disposal.
  • Shipping and receiving management
    • Receiving, unloading, cleaning, disinfecting, inventory control and storage, cleaning and disinfecting protocol enforcement for deliveries and vendors, delivery management, vendor management, etc.
  • In-House laundry services
    • Uniforms
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE)
    • Cloth face coverings
    • Shared or reusable rags/cleaning wipes

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