Deep Cleaning

MPW industrial deep cleaning services provide thorough, safe and efficient decontamination of facilities and buildings. With an excellent industrial deep cleaning track record of safely and successfully completing projects for industrial industries. Auto, paint, assembly, weld, food & beverage applications. Commissioning and decommissioning projects.

Our project team is highly trained in fall protection, mobile lift/equipment operation and all other aspects of deep clean safety. MPW customizes your deep clean plan to meet project/construction schedule deadlines, as well as production and OSHA requirements. Whether it is prepping to run production, removing harmful contaminants or dangerous combustible dust, MPW has expertise to meet the challenge.

Deep Cleaning

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Level of service(s) requestedDegree of Cleaning
A. Cleaning Onlya) Common and high contact areas (doors, break or restrooms)
b) Individual work or office spaces/areas (desks, chairs, copiers)
c) All surfaces with potential for contact
d) Entire facility or area, floor to ceiling
B. Disinfection Only
C. Cleaning and disinfection
D. Higher/other service(s)

Common Areas Cleaned

  • Process equipment (interior and exterior)
  • Building (walls, ceiling, piping and all structural steel)
  • Trenches/Pits
  • Duct work (interior/exterior)
  • Paint mix rooms
  • Clean rooms
  • Laboratories

Common Methods

  • Wipe down (chemical or dry tack wipe)
  • Pressure washing
  • Water Jetting (10K-40K PSI)
  • Vacuum (dry/wet vac or HEPA Certified backpack vacuum)
  • Cryogenic cleaning (dry ice blasting)
  • Floor cleaning equipment

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