Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning

Let MPW’s experience help you safely and efficiently execute deep cleaning requirements for your new construction or existing facility. We have an excellent mobile industrial deep cleaning track record of safely and successfully completing projects for automotive paint, general assembly and body weld departments, which includes both new expansion and existing sites.

Our project team is highly trained in fall protection, mobile lift/equipment operation and all other aspects of deep clean safety. We will customize your deep clean plan to meet project/construction schedule deadlines, as well as production and OSHA requirements. Whether it is prepping to run production, removing harmful contaminants or dangerous combustible dust, MPW has expertise to meet the challenge.​

  • Common Areas Cleaned
  • Process equipment (interior and exterior)
  • Building (walls, ceiling, piping and all structural steel)
  • Trenches/Pits
  • Duct work (interior/exterior)
  • Common Methods
  • Wipe down (chemical or dry tack wipe)
  • Pressure washing
  • Hydroblasting (10K-40K PSI)
  • Vacuum (dry/wet vac or backpack vacuum)
  • Floor cleaning equipment

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