MPW excels in eliminating 40 years of carbon dust buildup

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America’s largest manufacturer of activated carbon had been in production for over 40 years but had never been deep

Walls, floors and process equipment were black from approximately a quarter-inch of accumulated carbon dust, which
also created a breathing hazard in the facility. When lights became covered with carbon dust, the customer would
simply add lights rather than cleaning or changing lights in the 8-story ceiling.

With the facility’s owner scheduled to arrive for an inspection, the company contacted MPW to demonstrate its foam
cleaning services.


The customer awarded the deep cleaning contract to MPW after a successful demo.

MPW used foam cleaning on aluminum-covered walls that ran from the floor to 10 feet high. The remaining portion of walls consisted of sealed insulation, so solvents such as liquid were not an option. Here, MPW used HEPA-approved backpack vacuums. MPW workers utilized manual walk-behind scrubbers on the floor and manual wiping techniques on equipment. To reach higher areas, MPW employed an 80-foot articulating manlift. PPE consisted of full-face respirators and Tyvek protective suits.


MPW’s 10-person crew worked 12-hour shifts to complete the project within the estimated six days.

Feedback from the customer, including the visiting owner, was extremely positive with regard to the quality of clean and efficiency of the project.

MPW’s continuing relationship with this customer led to additional work at the location, including facility maintenance, tote disposal and drum disposal.

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