MPW climbs to new heights to conquer deep-cleaning project

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A South Carolina automotive original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needed a team with the capability to deep clean the entirety of its facility from bolts to beams—truly an industrial-sized feat. Main keys to the project were cost and finding a contractor with the experience and resources to effectively perform the cleaning.

The plant is located in an area with a high employment rate, making it problematic for a contractor to keep a consistent local labor force. Further, due to the plant’s strict maintenance schedule, cleaning crews would need to cease work when other personnel entered the cleaning zone.


Before commencing work, MPW produced a comprehensive on-site evaluation of each project.

MPW then completed an extensive deep clean, appointing specialized personnel to access hard-to-reach parts of the building. MPW’s industrial climbing team utilized scissor lifts and harnesses to reach lofty niches, while skilled beam walkers outfitted in climbing gear scaled the walls. These tactics ensured thorough cleans along even the most inaccessible of surfaces, such as rafters and ceiling grates. Previous contractors failed to reach the elevated areas, but the climbers proved to be a safe and effective answer.


The customer was pleased with MPW’s flexibility and safety focus during the five-month project. MPW employed a full-time on-site safety manager for the duration of the project who consis-tently kept in contact with the client’s safety team. MPW recorded zero safety incidents during the deep cleaning.

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