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MPW Engineers volunteer to work with Lakewood Middle School students

November 5, 2019

MPW engineers are mentoring students at Lakewood Middle School as part of the school’s Future City Team. Mechanical Engineering Supervisor Brian Charles is heading up the mentoring group and Electrical Engineering Supervisor Matt Tenley and Electrical Systems Engineer Brandon Ridenbaugh have also attended meetings. The Future City Team is an after-school science, technology, engineering and […]

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Engineering & Fabrication Services

August 9, 2019
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Reverse osmosis system leads to dual cost savings at oil refinery

April 24, 2019

 View Full Case Study Problem Not satisfied with the variable cost of city water and the additional sewer charge associated with disposal of wastewater, managers at a Michigan oil refinery sought to restructure its water system by incorporating reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Plant personnel determined that reusing process wastewater would maximize efficiency and minimize expenses. […]

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MPW earns ETL certification to build industrial control panels

February 4, 2019

MPW Industrial Services earned a certification from Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) to build industrial control panels on December 27. MPW is now authorized to fabricate ETL-standard panels intended for general use. MPW’s Panel Shop is located in the Technology Center on its Corporate Campus in Hebron, Ohio. MPW designs and constructs panels for process industrial […]

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Staff Profile: Justin Pierce

February 4, 2019

As part of our regular Staff Profile Series, we recently interviewed Justin Pierce, Director of Engineering & Manufacturing at MPW Industrial Services. Having worked with the MPW team his entire career, Justin has been a key player in advancing the company’s engineering department. How did you get your start with MPW? I actually started at […]

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Customized RO improves long-term safety, efficiency

October 11, 2018

 View Full Case Study Problem An outdated deionization (DI) system in the paint-booth area of an Ohio automotive plant was failing to produce an acceptable quality of water and necessitated excessive chemical costs to meet approved throughput levels. Additionally, chemical leakage was causing damage to floors, valves and pumps near the system. Conductivity of influent […]

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Start Your Career

June 28, 2018
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MPW’s CO2 removal system reduces costs for plant

June 20, 2018

 View Full Case Study Problem Before the commissioning of a Mid-western natural gas and steam-driven power plant, tests on the plant’s source water revealed elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). With no plans for an on-site water-treatment facility, the plant relied on MPW as its exclusive deionization (DI) supplier. The facility is also a zero-liquid-discharge […]

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MPW automation improves safety, efficiency of boiler cleaning

May 22, 2018

View Full Case Study Problem At a waste-to-energy facility in the Midwest, an industrial cleaning contractor was using a series of mechanical winches to remove pluggage and ash deposits from the boiler tube lanes which span the mud drum and steam drum. Two technicians would control the winch while a third tech functioned as a […]

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MPW wins People’s Choice Award for Safety Innovation

March 14, 2018

MPW won the People’s Choice Award and finished second overall for the Safety Innovation Award at the 2018 Ohio Safety Congress & Expo, hosted by the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. MPW Director of Engineering & Manufacturing Justin Pierce managed the project. “We’re proud that the attendees selected […]

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