MPW earns ETL certification to build industrial control panels

MPW’s Mike Morosko (foreground), Kyle Dillon (back left) and Larry Lee (back right) construct control panels in the Technology Center.

MPW Industrial Services earned a certification from Electrical Testing Laboratories (ETL) to build industrial control panels on December 27. MPW is now authorized to fabricate ETL-standard panels intended for general use. MPW’s Panel Shop is located in the Technology Center on its Corporate Campus in Hebron, Ohio.

MPW designs and constructs panels for process industrial water equipment, including mobile equipment, the instrumentation inside all of its industrial water regeneration service centers and some of its automated industrial cleaning equipment.

Justin Pierce, MPW’s Director of Engineering & Manufacturing, said the certification will increase MPW’s efficiency and offer additional peace of mind to MPW customers.

“This also gives us the potential for a new business offering of building panels for other businesses,” Pierce said. “The certification is a result of the investments the company has made in technology and training.”

Before the certification, MPW would get individual panels inspected and approved by ETL, Pierce said.

“We realized we were building to ETL’s standards anyway,” Pierce said. “This just reinforces that we’re committed to building safe, high-quality equipment every time.”

The certification serves as the culmination of more than six months of work for MPW engineers.

“You have to apply for certification, submit paperwork, then pass all of the inspections and tests,” Pierce said. “So, we had to research our own design processes to ensure we were up to ETL code. In some cases — not a lot, but some — we had to incorporate changes to meet the codes. Along the way, we had to make sure we were documenting everything. The team did a great job!”

MPW passed the ETL inspection on its first attempt. It is now subject to unannounced ETL audits four times per year.

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