Mobile Deionization / Demineralization

MPW features the industry’s largest mobile demineralization system with up to 10 million grains of production capacity.

Using its exclusive header and vessel design, MPW simplifies ion exchange resin configuration adjustments to efficiently meet production and quality requirements.

Systems can be configured to produce capacities from 3 million to 10 million grains. MPW’s mobile demineralization service includes system staging, start-up and operator training by a qualified MPW driver technician.

MPW maximizes capacity by containing more resin per unit and by using weak base anion resin to extend the life of the strong base anion resin. MPW’s mobile deionization units contain custom configurations, tailored to your source water analysis. Systems can be provided in a variety of configurations, such as single-vessel, dual-train or multi-vessel. Each deionization (Mobile DI) system includes interconnecting hoses with optional monitoring instrumentation and automatic shutdown controls.

MPW’s unique regeneration process minimizes the stress on the resin to maximize its effectiveness. Mobile deionization is ideal for facilities with zero-discharge requirements.

Mobile Deionization / Demineralization

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  • Convenient SDI vessel delivery and exchange service with MPW’s straight truck and delivery trailer.
  • Up to 28 custom-configured vessels per trailer for optimum site-specific performance
  • Conductivity instrumentation and auto-shutdown controls for effluent water quality monitoring
  • 3 million – 10 million grain production capacity options
  • Adjustable flow rates for up to 450 GPM per trailer
  • Field service and technical support
  • 24/7 Logistics department for dependable order placement and delivery coordination
  • Regionally located regeneration and service centers for fast, dependable support


  • Steam generator make-up
  • Pre-commission services (hydro/steam blows)
  • Condensate or off-spec water polishing
  • Process water requirements
  • Zero liquid discharge locations
  • Seasonal and peak demand requirements
  • Supplemental capacity support
  • Water plant outage support

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