Remote monitoring key to mobile DI success during oil refinery


MPW Mobile DI Service

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Remaining true to its reputation for providing the utmost in customer service and system efficiency, MPW Industrial Water delivered when an oil refinery in the Southeastern United States needed to replace part of its on-site water purification system.

In addition to the client’s need for processed water, other complicating factors included limited space due to on-site construction and stringent local and federal environmental regulations.


MPW owns the world’s first 10 million grain mobile deionization (DI) trailer, which doubles the capacity of most competitors. The system’s superior efficiency limits swap-outs; decreases traffic congestion, logistical delays and accidents; reduces the carbon footprint and emissions; and is the most environmentally responsible method of mobile DI service.

Experts from MPW have worked for years with leading resin manufacturers to develop cutting-edge demineralization technology. For example, MPW maximizes resin volume using weak base anion resin to extend the life of the strong base anion resin.

In this case, MPW customized its DI units for the site’s source water and configuration. Each system includes remote-monitoring instrumentation and automatic shutdown controls.


Key to this project’s success was MPW’s Project Management team which provided daily on-site and off-site remote monitoring of system performance for 24/7 reliability and coordination with customer operational needs.

During the construction process, which lasted over six months, the client’s operations were never curtailed due to a lack of water.

MPW produced more than 157 million gallons of purified water on this project. There were zero safety incidents.

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