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Industrial Water Success Stories

MPW Industrial Water Completed Record-Breaking Project

June 30, 2022

Water Is flowing through a Delaware refinery following completion of an MPW $34.5 million customized Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM) System with multiple equipment units, producing all of the site’s process water. Industrial Water General Manager Tim Dondero said technicians worked through holidays to meet a tight deadline. “It’s a bigger project than we usually do,” Dondero said. […]

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MPW solves frequent CIP issues and improves quality for Ohio power company

September 21, 2021

Problem Low temperatures and water with high levels of phosphorous salts (alum) combined to gum-up the works for a Northern Ohio power plant, forcing ongoing clean-ups and production slowdowns. In 2018, the assessment of water sup- plied from the local water supply was inaccurate which led to the installation of the wrong treatment plan. The […]

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UFRO Reverse Osmosis Ultra filtration Mobile

MPW’s ultrafiltration/ reverse osmosis system solves ash pond issue

March 10, 2020

 View Full Case Study Thorough investigation, application of specialized equipment key to selenium removal. Problem A former coal-fired power plant in the Northeastern U.S. had converted to a natural gas source. However, due to stringent EPA mandates, its remaining coal ash ponds, the byproduct of decades of burning coal, would need to be mitigated. That […]

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Mobile DI Tanks

iWWD: Emergency Response Reverse Osmosis & Deionization Trailers

November 25, 2019

When a Louisiana chemical plant suffered a site-wide blackout, plant personnel learned they would have to bring each power-generation unit, and its corresponding water filtration system, back on-line individually. Facility workers quickly returned the onsite demineralization system to functional status, but it was receiving almost zero condensate return. To re-establish condensate return, which is a […]

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MPW designs more efficient softener rebed at beverage plant

June 28, 2019

 View Full Case Study Quick rebed turnaround, safety measures satisfy customer. Problem A Midwestern soft drink plant over-pressurized its No. 2 softener tank, damaging the internal tank laterals and rendering the tank useless until it could be repaired. While tank No. 2 was out of service, the customer had to run its production on only […]

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Reverse osmosis system leads to dual cost savings at oil refinery

April 24, 2019

 View Full Case Study Problem Not satisfied with the variable cost of city water and the additional sewer charge associated with disposal of wastewater, managers at a Michigan oil refinery sought to restructure its water system by incorporating reverse osmosis (RO) technology. Plant personnel determined that reusing process wastewater would maximize efficiency and minimize expenses. […]

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Filtration units deployed for same-day purification

April 24, 2019

 View Full Case Study Problem A Kansas manufacturing plant was forced to shut down after unusually high sodium levels in the Kansas River led to increased salinity in city water. Conductivity of the city water also increased from 500 µS/cm to 1,600 µS/cm. This heightened water conductivity was problematic during the rinsing process as it […]

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Customized RO improves long-term safety, efficiency

October 11, 2018

 View Full Case Study Problem An outdated deionization (DI) system in the paint-booth area of an Ohio automotive plant was failing to produce an acceptable quality of water and necessitated excessive chemical costs to meet approved throughput levels. Additionally, chemical leakage was causing damage to floors, valves and pumps near the system. Conductivity of influent […]

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MPW’s CO2 removal system reduces costs for plant

June 20, 2018

 View Full Case Study Problem Before the commissioning of a Mid-western natural gas and steam-driven power plant, tests on the plant’s source water revealed elevated levels of carbon dioxide (CO2). With no plans for an on-site water-treatment facility, the plant relied on MPW as its exclusive deionization (DI) supplier. The facility is also a zero-liquid-discharge […]

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Power plant utilizes clarifier to reduce pond dredging

May 22, 2018

 View Full Case Study  Problem Settling ponds are typically used in the wastewater treatment process, al-lowing for the natural removal of solids and turbidity from wastewater. Water is processed through the ponds so solid contaminants can settle and clean, re-usable water can flow over top. Though this technique is quite common in many industries, settling […]

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