MPW designs more efficient softener rebed at beverage plant

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Quick rebed turnaround, safety measures satisfy customer.


A Midwestern soft drink plant over-pressurized its No. 2 softener tank, damaging the internal tank laterals and rendering the tank useless until it could be repaired.

While tank No. 2 was out of service, the customer had to run its production on only tank No. 1. This forced the plant to regenerate tank No. 1 at night when production was down. Plant workers also noticed resin leaking into the product stream and consequently the boilers, causing added maintenance on the boiler.


The beverage plant selected MPW based on MPW’s complete scope of services including:

  • Selected and provided media
  • Removal of the media by vacuum trucks
  • Inspection of the internal equipment
  • Lateral modifications
  • Installation of new softener resin according to specific plant instructions

MPW experts devised a plan to rebed the customer’s softener tank. MPW’s confined space rescue team oversaw the project during all internal tank work. The highly trained crew monitored the tank’s air quality regularly and ensured all safety procedures (OSHA, site-specific and MPW-specific) were followed.


MPW managed each step of the project, allowing the customer to focus on core activities.

The plant manager was thrilled to return both of the softener tanks to in-service status after only three days, immediately realizing a system that was more robust, more efficient and performed longer without necessary regeneration processes.

There were no safety incidents during the project.

The customer will save approximately $5,000 per year in regeneration costs and $2,000 per year in boiler maintenance.

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