MPW seamlessly solves problems for oil refinery

MPW Mobile DI Service

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MPW routinely meets the refining industry’s demands of high flow rates, strict safety adherence and stringent environmental compliance. Through its industrial redundant systems, MPW minimizes plant turnarounds at petrochemical plants and refineries and provides 24/7 emergency response.

So when an international fuel manufacturer faced construction problems at one of its Texas refineries, it called MPW.

The refinery was constructing a new ion-exchange water system due to expanded needs from a new customer. Because of the construction, the facility needed to produce 1,000 gallons per minute. Additionally, units needed to be placed more than 1,000 feet from both the feedwater source and tank due to limited space.


Competitive pricing and past successes at the customer’s other refinery locations gave the manufacturer a strong belief in MPW’s ability to fulfill its needs.

MPW provided a 10-million-grain deionization (DI) unit, the world’s largest and most economical mobile deionization system. MPW is the only company capable of providing a DI trailer of this magnitude, which lasts nearly twice as long as other trailers and reduces swaps to an average of one per day.

MPW custom-designed the DI system to the client’s source water analysis. Field service reps provided daily coverage to manage trailer efficiency and logistics. MPW supplied additional hose to deal with the distance between the source and tank. No additional pumps were needed, as the onsite coverage helped balance the flow and maximize the throughputs.


During the construction process, which lasted over three months, the client’s operations were never curtailed due to a lack of water.

MPW supplied a total of 89 trailers (four at a time), producing over 77 million gallons of water

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