MPW Industrial Water has been working for years with the leading resin manufacturers to develop the latest technology in demineralization (Mobile DI) services and to continue meeting your specific needs.
MPW’s 10 million grain system is the world’s largest and most economical mobile deionization (Mobile DI) system. The Deminator minimizes logistical delays and mobilization costs by providing twice the capacity of competing systems, therefore purifying more water.


  • Power Generation
  • Nuclear Power
  • Petrochemical/Refining
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Automotive
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing / Steel

MPW maximizes capacity by containing more resin per unit and by using weak base anion resin to extend the life of the strong base anion resin. MPW’s mobile deionization units contain custom configurations, tailored to your source water analysis. Systems can be provided in a variety of configurations, such as single-vessel, dual-train or multi-vessel. Each deionization (Mobile DI) system includes interconnecting hoses with optional monitoring instrumentation and automatic shutdown controls.
MPW’s unique regeneration process minimizes the stress on the resin to maximize its effectiveness. Mobile deionization is ideal for facilities with zero-discharge requirements.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that MPW is available 24/7 and provides remote monitoring for your company.

Typical Solutions and Applications:

  • Ion Exchange
  • Mixed Bed Polishing Systems
  • Resin Regeneration
  • Resin Ready For Use
  • Deionization (Mobile DI) Trailer

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