Frosty January temperatures set MPW’s industrial water business on fire

HEBRON, Ohio —  Arctic air powered one of the coldest two-week periods on record for late December through early January across the central and eastern U.S., with areas from Maine to Nebraska facing record-cold stretches from December 23 to January 5.

Despite the dreariness, travel challenges and power outages presented by winter weather events, there is a positive spin for MPW. Colder temperatures mean furnaces must work longer to heat buildings, which in turn creates more demand on power-generation facilities. MPW Industrial Water’s mobile reverse osmosis (RO), deionization (DI) and filtration trailers provide an enhanced supply of makeup water when power needs exceed a plant’s normal demands.

As a result of the cold temperatures, this was the busiest two-week stretch in the 35-year history of the water division. During this period, MPW delivered a record number of DI, RO and filtration trailers, which was enabled by recent investments in a new regen plant and the construction of more than 75 additional water trailers.

MPW’s Industrial Water Dispatch is located in the Technology Center.

“We are on pace to surpass our monthly DI trailer record of 286 set in January 2014,” said Tim Dondero, general manager of MPW’s Industrial Water Division. “We scheduled nearly 200 trailers the first two weeks of January, with no signs of slowing down.”

Of course, providing this level of service in these conditions does not come without having to face some logistical, equipment-shortage and maintenance issues. To mitigate similar difficulties in the future, MPW will expand its investment in people across the entire organization, including logistics, drivers, regen plant technicians and field service personnel. MPW’s capital investment in 2018 will include 45 new trailers (a combination of DI, RO and filtration) along with eight new semi-tractors. The company will continue to support system infrastructure by improving remote monitoring, customer data inputs and logistics software.

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