The benefits of partnering with an integrated facilities management company

In the complex, day-to-day operation of an industrial plant, managers are always on the lookout for the best ways to cut costs in key areas. From infrastructure improvements and plant downtime, to managing a waste stream, keeping track of the many isolated areas of the production process doesn’t always come easily. With so many ways to potentially reduce unnecessary costs (and limited means of doing so), plants can benefit from the services of an integrated facilities management partner – both operationally and financially.

Reduced infrastructure costs

In many industries, manufacturers require custom metal forming services to repair infrastructure as it ages or breaks. From piping to aluminum plates, these materials must fit the specific dimensions required by the individual plant. Most manufacturing companies lack the resources to produce these parts in-house, and typically need to hire outside contractors to do so. This makes it ever more important to partner with a facilities management company that possesses the resources to produce custom-formed parts on a timely basis.

While many contractors handle welding, pipefitting and metal forming, few firms offer all these services under one roof. Leveraging the assistance of a solutions provider with a sophisticated, one-stop fabrication facility yields added production benefits, due to economies of scale. But simply producing the needed parts isn’t enough. Customer service should be a key factor in choosing an integrated facilities management partner. It pays to have a field support team that understands an industry intimately, and can monitor the performance of a plant, while identifying key areas that may need additional maintenance.

Decreased downtime

Safety accidents, material shortages and planned maintenance can all result in downtime at industrial plants – but faulty cleaning is often a primary culprit. Whether it’s a silo that needs vacuumed, or a blocked pipeline flowing to or from a facility, a true, integrated solutions firm should possess the necessary industrial cleaning expertise to address complex challenges.

Plants require a diverse range of cleaning jobs, so a potential partner must have the correct technology to complete a wide variety of projects. Using automation to address industrial cleaning issues helps keep staff out of harm’s way and cuts down on the amount of personnel needed onsite. From robotic blasters that clean fly ash from a silo, or tube lancing devices that can operate in a tight space, automation presents efficient, safe solutions to problems in the industrial space.

MPW Industrial Services has deep roots in industrial cleaning – in fact, it’s one of the first services the company offered when it first started back in 1972. As MPW has gradually added additional services like water blasting and vacuuming, the same commitment to innovation and quality has remained in place.

Enhanced compliance

Finding ways to make a waste stream more efficient can be tedious and time-consuming. But manufacturers and power plant operators are often required by law to produce annual reports to government agencies like the EPA. A quality facilities management partner will have trained staff who work closely with personnel at an industrial company to form a comprehensive waste reporting procedure.

Waste is first evaluated through a waste mapping process that tracks and classifies all potential sources of waste, with the end goal of generating specific codes and descriptions for each type. With access to this information, facilities management staff provide clients with a useful cost-savings summary, that identifies ways in which plants can become more efficient in their production and disposal of waste. With an increased understanding of waste generation, and effective tracking, producing the required reports for government agencies becomes significantly easier.

While plant managers may know the areas where they need to cut costs, working in collaboration with a facilities management partner can open new doors to innovative solutions.

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