Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets

June 3, 2019

Pipeline Jetting Service Spec Sheet

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s pipeline jetting service is the single-source solution for cleaning catch basins, laterals, storm drains and sewer lines. The pipeline jetter truck allows for thorough and efficient cleaning of up to 2,500 feet of sewer pipe.

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
April 24, 2019

Rigid Lance Machine Spec Sheet

View Full Spec Sheet The Rigid Lance Machine utilizes high-pressure hydraulics to clear debris from the inner diameter of tube bundles. The system is equipped with five rigid lances, each featuring a specialized, high-pressure nozzle for consistent and thorough cleanings. A single operator controls the system from an elevated, temperature-controlled cab. This raised station removes […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
March 26, 2019

Turnaround Services Spec Sheet

View Full Spec Sheet A fundamental aspect of ongoing operations in the refining, petrochemical, power and pulp & paper industries, turnaround maintenance services can prevent significant revenue losses due to extraneous downtime. At MPW, we excel at providing the resources, the experience, and the engineering creativity to develop unique solutions, using safer technologies, to make […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
October 29, 2018

Mobile Bundle Shellside Cleaner Spec Sheet

  View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s Mobile Bundle Shellside Cleaner System is designed to remotely clean the shellside of tube bundles, up to 25 feet in length. The tube bundle is placed on hydraulically-actuated rollers to incrementally turn the bundle during the cleaning process. The cleaning head is positioned over the bundle with the hydraulic […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets
October 9, 2018

Automated Mini Excavator Shotgun Spec Sheet

View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s Automated Mini Excavator Shotgun offers an automated solution for water blasting and surface preparation. The system features a remote operated control box that allows an operator to position and engage the water blast controls. This mobile system combines a rotary shotgun arm and a mini excavator base for easy mobility […]

Industrial Cleaning Spec Sheets