Task Force guiding MPW’s pandemic responses

There is a group behind the scenes managing MPW’s COVID-19-related matters.

Consisting of Safety & Training Manager and Committee Chair Matt Dawson, General Counsel Catherine Jopling, Human Resources Director Jim Tyznik and Marketing Director Mike Zimmerman, the COVID Task Force met via Microsoft Teams twice every weekday (during the third week of May, the group decided to limit the morning meetings to Tuesdays and Thursdays only). MPW President Jared Black joins the group during its afternoon sessions.

The committee reviews, assesses and develops policies, procedures and communiques, with a goal of maximizing health and safety and furthering the business.

Forming at the request of Black, the group’s first meeting was March 12. As of May 20, the task force had completed 87 projects ranging from the publication of the company’s Work From Home Guidelines to expediting the policies and procedures for decontamination services performed by ICG and FEM.

Although the committee is highly collaborative, each member has areas of specialization.

Matt Dawson

Dawson coordinates meetings and handles procedures for all COVID-19-related subject matter, such as the policies for: employees with coronavirus, cleaning, working remotely and returning to the office, in addition to internal and external customer support for decontamination services and questions.

Catherine Jopling

Jopling is the law expert, working on legal implications, employee privacy, risk factors and federal, state and local mandates.

Jim Tyznik

Tyznik is in charge of major personnel issues like leaves of absence, benefits, rehiring and staffing, as well as coordinating MPW’s new texting tool to support employee communication.

Mike Zimmerman

Zimmerman manages internal and external communications, i.e., messages to associates and clients, on-location education and other key communiques.

“This has been one of the most humbling and gratifying experiences of my career,” Zimmerman said. “The team is truly that. We challenge each other. We make each other laugh. We share a drive for excellence in our finished work product – all while balancing the safety needs of our people with the business needs of a great company, that has been incredibly flexible and receptive to the work of the task force.”

Dawson said he’s proud of the group’s swift response in circulating the initial COVID-19 Guidelines, Action Alert, Policy and Procedures on Decontamination Services, Remote Work Guidelines and “new normal” protocols.

“Collaboration across the group, executive team, Dr. Rankin and the field has been the key to our ability to manage through the pandemic,” said Black. “Ongoing, open communications have led to thoughtful and timely action.”

Currently, the committee is working on projects that include guidance for occupancy limits and seating in offices, signage for proper “new normal” actions and adjusting MPW’s Crisis Management Policy.

Zimmerman said the group will continue to meet regarding COVID-19 situations and their impact on associates until the virus is no longer a threat

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