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Ash Pond Remediation

March 26, 2019
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MPW praised for coal ash pond closure

May 7, 2018

 View Full Case Study  Problem A Virginia power plant, which began generating electricity in 1958 with three coal-fired units, had decommissioned one of its units and converted the other two to natural gas. Despite no longer burning coal, two coal ash ponds remained, ne-cessitating a remediation project. In addition to the EPA’s National Pollutant Discharge […]

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Pondering Remediation

August 17, 2017

View Full White Paper Ash ponds have been as much a part of the landscape at coal-fired power plants as stock- piles of coal and the conveyors that carry the fuel source to furnaces. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regulations that went into effect late last year, however, have power plant operators scrambling to close wet storage […]

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Ash Pond Remediation Spec Sheet

July 27, 2017

 View Full Spec Sheet MPW’s ash pond remediation system provides a wide variety of efficient, engineered and environmentally friendly solutions for the safe treatment and disposal of ash pond water and residual ash. Some of the services we provide for ash pond remediation include: water filtration, water clarification, ash pond dredging, civil design, waste management, […]

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