Revenue growth highlights Northeast’s ICG District of the Year victory

Substantial growth normally evokes imagery of new customers crowded around a business’ front door.

This was not the case for ICG’s Northeast District in 2018.

Although the district managed an impressive 31-percent year-over-year increase in revenue, the growth mostly came from established customers, according to Northeast District Manager Mike Nicholson.

Mike Nicholson

For its efforts, the District will receive the coveted Eagle Trophy, awarded annually to the top-ranked group in MPW’s Industrial Cleaning Division. District of the Year standings are determined by rankings based on three main categories: safety, people and financials.

Northeast dominated the financial sections, finishing first in three of the four metrics.

“Our Steubenville [Ohio] Branch substantially increased revenue last year, mostly because they serve five coal-burning plants,” Nicholson said. “You never know what’s going to happen at a coal plant. On the other hand, our Pittsburgh Branch also showed excellent growth in 2018, but it was largely due to two steel plants.”

The district also finished first in both of the people-related criteria, which measure billed and unbilled payroll hours.

“I really started tracking the billedhours metric a few years ago and it’s been effective in measuring profitability. It mostly applies to positions like Account Managers, Operations Managers, Branch Managers and safety personnel,” Nicholson said.

ICG General Manager Jimmy Peck congratulated the district.

“The Northeast had a tremendous 2018,” Peck said. “They’ve done an exceptional job of building their infrastructure since the FirstEnergy deal while remaining customer focused during their growth.”

Although he was proud of his group’s performance, Nicholson said the District of the Year standings offered an opportunity for improvement.

“Our safety performance could have been better,” he said. “But overall, it was a great group effort. The people in the field are the ones who make it happen. It’s an outstanding group.”

The Northeast District includes Eastern Ohio, West Virginia, New York, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. It has branch offices in Steubenville (union and non-union); Pittsburgh (union and non-union); Keyser, W.Va.; Baltimore; and Albany, N.Y.

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