MPW’s record of safety, efficiency exceeds standards of Ohio steelmaker

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In 2012, a Northern Ohio steelmaker’s former primary industrial-cleaning contractor reported numerous OSHA-recordable incidents, causing countless losses in man-hours and plant efficiency. Further, the facility was seeking an industrial cleaning company that would complete its work with greater levels of quality and efficiency.

The steel producer didn’t need to look far. For over seven years, the facility has counted on MPW’s Industrial Cleaning Division to provide the safest, most efficient cleaning solutions available on a project-by-project basis.


In 2013 the customer awarded MPW the entire industrial cleaning contract, citing MPW’s impeccable safety track record. MPW continues to expand its partnership with its client through close-knit relationship building, constant two-way client communication and excellent job performance.

MPW implemented job-performance surveys for its projects to ensure it was meeting or exceeding the client’s safety, quality and efficiency expectations.


MPW has not had an OSHA-recordable incident at the site in eight years. This remarkable feat has been accomplished through MPW’s proactive process of reporting and preventing potential problems before they happen.

MPW has reduced its average emergency-response rate at the site to less than one hour. MPW has tripled its business with this customer over the last seven years.

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