ICG’s Western District collects 2017 award

MPW named the Western District its 2017 ICG District of the Year, breaking a streak of two consecutive and three out of four wins by the Mid-Atlantic District. For its efforts, the Western District will receive the coveted Eagle Trophy.

It is the first time since 2011 — when MPW referred to the district as Rockport — that the Western District has earned the award.

ICG General Manager Jimmy Peck said a focus on profitability helped the team excel.

“The Western District effectively championed so many aspects of its business while dealing with relatively new offices in Indianapolis and Louisville,” Peck said. “I couldn’t be prouder of them.”

Western District Manager Jeff Van Dyke, who took over the position about a year ago, said collaboration and transparency were crucial to the team’s recent success. For example, Van Dyke credited Maintenance Manager Jonathan Holbrook for leading a project that involved moving equipment with zero utilization to other MPW locations, which helped the district’s bottom line.

Rockport Branch Manager Allen Hawkins said additional communication among departments is another method the district emphasized.

From left: District Manager Jeff Van Dyke, Project Manager Shannon Crawford, District Office Manager Jill Kelley, Recruiter Christine Schulte, Maintenance Manager Johnathon Holbrook and Branch Manager Allen Hawkins.

“I’ve been here 13 years and 2017 was the best I’ve ever seen us work in conjunction with sales,” Hawkins said. “It helps us ensure we’re getting accurate quotes and bids to our customers.”

Average Daily Work Order Percentage Increase, a financial metric that was added for the 2017 evaluations, also aided the district’s victory. The Western District finished first out of the five districts in this calculation, as well as Operating Income Dollars and Operating Income Percent to Budget.

“Jeff and his team, with support from Marcus Markakis and the rest of the ICG Business Development team, spent a lot of time focusing on profitability, and it shows,” Peck said.

District of the Year standings are determined by rankings based on three main categories: safety, people and financials.

The Western District is comprised of offices in Middletown, Ohio; Rockport, Ind.; Indianapolis; and Louisville, Ky.

More comments on the ICG District of the Year:

District Office Manager Jill Kelley: “We’ve really been working on improving communication within the district, with corporate and of course, with our clients. I think we’ve established a positive culture where we’re proud to work here.”

Van Dyke: “We couldn’t have done it without Jimmy and his team at corporate. They’re always very supportive. I’d also like to thank our Middletown location that joined the Western District recently. They have a lot of great leaders there and they’re mostly self-sufficient.”

Van Dyke: “People had been asking me who won district of the year. Right after I learned that we won, I called a group meeting, making them think it was going to be about something negative. When I told them, they were all excited about it. It’s such a prize, such a significant accomplishment to be recognized among our peers. The Eagle Trophy will be highly treasured.”

Previous ICG District of the Year winners

2011 Rockport
2012 Middletown
2013 Mid-Atlantic
2014 Midwest
2015 Mid-Atlantic
2016 Mid-Atlantic

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