How can a BOOM water system meet your operational needs?

Finding the appropriate water filtration solution is often a difficult task for plants in the power, pulp and paper and fossil fuel industries. Faced with high upfront capital investment costs and the lack of support staff to maintain a comprehensive filtration system, industrial companies often lack solutions that fit their specific needs.

As a service and technology provider dedicated to providing solutions for industrial plants, MPW Industrial Services offers a fully-managed system that provides convenient, dependable solutions for water applications. Known as the BOOM (Build, Own, Operate, Maintain) Water System, MPW utilizes this service and its accompanying technology on behalf of clients nationwide.

The BOOM system offers many benefits. We’d like to highlight just a few of these in this article.

Build Own Operate Maintain

A sound investment

Every plant has different needs when it comes to water treatment. But all plants need a reliable solution source to handle deionization, media filtration and water quality monitoring, among other things. One option industrial companies have is to make a significant investment in equipment. Of course, this assumes a plant has the right personnel on site to manage the new water treatment system.

The costs of this approach can be steep. Implementation of the necessary technology can also take a long time, if personnel do not have the expertise to manage the system. This further delays any potential benefits that may come from the initial capital investment.

Another option for industrial companies is to invest in a third-party, interim water treatment application. Many of these applications do not require a staggering initial investment. Rather, for a manageable monthly fee, companies can rent the equipment they need to effectively treat their water. This opens up a host of benefits for the user, including 24/7 engineering support, equipment maintenance and the latest technology in the industry.

Contracts for third-party water treatment providers typically last 3-5 years at the most, giving plants added flexibility if they feel the technology isn’t meeting their needs. The temporary nature of these contracts also prevents companies from getting locked down with technology that may soon become obsolete. When contracts for BOOM services come up for renewal every few years, MPW always makes sure it is offering industrial plants the latest technology in water filtration.

A full support staff

The first ‘O’ in the BOOM acronym stands for “own.” With BOOM services, a third-party solutions provider owns all of the equipment involved in water filtration. That also means this provider is responsible for all the costs associated with the equipment. These costs typically include repair, daily maintenance and emergency support in case something breaks down.

Plants that hire outside help often have vastly different needs. Some require a team to remain on site 24/7 to monitor the equipment in case something goes wrong. Others simply need a team of professionals accessible by phone at any hour of the day, which can attempt to troubleshoot issues when they arise.

When plants contract with a BOOM service provider, they do not incur any extra costs for added maintenance services. These costs are all included in the monthly fee. Beyond the immediate financial benefits of a full support staff, plant managers can take advantage of an experienced group of water purification professionals. The outside knowledge these vendors provide can add efficiency to any operation.

A wide range of services

From media filtration and ultrafiltration, to reverse osmosis technology, BOOM is designed to meet the needs of your operation. Depending on the industry and the application, each plant has to work with different water qualities, flow rates, space restrictions and effluent requirements.

To meet plants’ needs in these areas, MPW employs the largest fleet of mobile water equipment in North America. Much of the equipment utilized in the BOOM service process is contained in trailers, which can be hauled to any job site. Filtration systems remove solids like TSS, organics, iron and other contaminants from a variety of sources. Systems like reverse osmosis technology also have the ability to remove dissolved solids, total organic carbon and colloidal contaminants.

Leading technology

The best water treatment service providers are constantly updating their equipment to meet customer needs. This means staying up-to-date with the latest technology.

Remote monitoring has become one of the most important innovations over the course of the past decade. It has decreased the need for on-site support staff, leading to improved plant safety, and contributing to reduced downtime, which usually leads to greater system efficiency.

Pump motors in the BOOM system are automatically controlled by an electrically efficient variable frequency drive (VFD). By using VFD controls, plant operators have the ability to manipulate the pump and impeller speed at a varied rate, allowing the motor output to match the system requirement for improved pump performance. This technology, as well as all the other technology used in the BOOM process, is compatible with a variety of other mobile industrial water systems, making integration much simpler.

When it comes to water treatment, industrial companies must be both financially and technologically relevant. And, of course, they have to manage all risks associated with their industrial operation.

MPW prides itself on providing and maintaining superior water treatment equipment to plants in more than a dozen states nationwide. To see the many solutions our BOOM services can offer, check out our video.

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