Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM)

MPW’s Build‐Own‐Operate‐Maintain (BOOM) Water System consistently provides dependable, convenient, water treatment solutions for interim and long‐term water applications. Custom industrial water treatment systems are designed to accommodate virtually any water quality, flow rate, space restrictions or effluent requirements.

BOOM allows your company to focus on fundamental operations, while MPW operates the water treatment system. MPW’s Field Service Technicians operate and maintain the industrial water treatment systems.

Skid‐mounted and containerized systems are designed to meet both indoor and outdoor installations and accommodate space requirements. From the initial drawings to the final installation, each system is custom engineered to meet individual specifications.

MPW’s ability to provide and maintain superior water treatment equipment prevents technical obsolescence from occurring. Equipment maintenance, combined with the latest technology, is incorporated into all our service agreements. This means as technology improves or equipment changes, MPW will provide the necessary quality service to ensure the system is up to date and operating smoothly. The long-term BOOM service offers financial savings for your company and reduces your capital outlay.

Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM)

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  • Full and partial service programs ensure operating reliability and maintain performance specifications
  • 24-hour engineering support is available
  • 24-hour remote access and data acquisition system to ensure water quality parameters are being met
  • Analytical instrumentation and auto-shutdown
  • Controls for effluent water quality monitoring
  • MPW designs, builds and tests complete water purification systems in-house at our corporate fabrication facility
  • Electrically efficient VFD-controlled pump motors
  • Fully compatible with all other MPW Industrial Water mobile systems
  • One itemized monthly invoice makes it easy to plan and budget


  • Guaranteed performance
  • MPW provides and maintains most recent technology
  • Lowers operating costs
  • Eliminates overhead and maintenance costs
  • MPW manages the entire water operation and any associated risks
  • Reduced capital investment
  • Technical knowledge provided from experienced water purification professionals

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