Featured Branch: Toyota, Georgetown, Kentucky

Discuss your branch’s dedication to safety.

Safety is extremely important to our site and our employees. We encourage everyone to “stop, call and wait” anytime they are unsure of something. The attentiveness and efforts of our employees are making us better every day. A year ago, when we started charting our observation compliance, we were at 74%; 12 months later it’s 97%.

Discuss any recent MPW success stories involving your branch.

We have had a very active year. Our people have put forth a lot of effort and have had several impressive accomplishments.

In Powertrain, we have supported line modifications and startup for the new TNGA 2 engine line. This line modification required daily cleaning support for approximately three months. We are currently supporting the install of a new third engine machining and assembly line.

The Plastics shop was very active supporting the install and startup of the RT3 line to replace the Old Rocker paint system. This is a third new paint line to be installed in Plastics over the last two years. As part of this we also had to complete the cleaning of the Old Rocker system for decommissioning. We had two weeks to complete the cleaning of the system and remove all filtration.

Our Paint Shop team was active on cost reduction activity over the last year. The group decided to find cost savings for filtration, looking specifically at the high-usage filters. Although this sounds like a simple task, it requires a good amount of effort and attention to detail. They had to first understand the environmental requirements for each filter. This would have to be communicated to filter reps and spec sheets would be submitted for any suggested replacements. Then there’s a series of meetings and approvals from Environmental to Engineering and then Production Management just to do a controlled trial. This activity resulted in a $65,000 savings for the Paint shop.

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