Customer commends Coppock’s safety service

MPW Industrial Services would like to recognize Driver Marcus Coppock of the Savannah branch for his outstanding safety service.

While workers were washing down a power boiler during a combustible dust remediation project at a power-generating complex in Florida, Coppock detected the smell of smoke. Coppock told a supervisor, who shut down the job and evacuated the plant.

Inspectors later found an exposed wire and electrical short that could have caused major safety issues had it gone undetected.

Facility managers were very grateful that Coppock and MPW’s entire crew acted in a safety-conscious and professional manner. Coppock was recognized in the client’s company newsletter.

“We just hired Marcus in September, so we’re proud that a new employee learned our lessons about safety and acted on them,” said MPW Southeast District Branch Manager Dave Smalley.



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